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    Welcome to JAMP!

    Dr. Kellaway, Chair of the JAMP Council, welcomes you to learn about JAMP!

    Learn more about JAMP and what it can do to help you achieve your goal of becoming a doctor.

    Request a JAMP Brochure here.

    Participating Universities

    JAMP is a partnership between 9 medical schools and 67 public and private four-year undergraduate institutions in Texas.
    Find your institution.

    JAMP Events

    Learn more about the Medical School Symposia and the Pre-JAMP Camps available throughout the state!

    AMSA's Premed Fest

    Thinking about med school? Don’t miss your opportunity to attend PremedFest this fall! At PremedFest, you won’t just sit in a chair and listen to lectures, you’ll:

    • Connect with peers and expert facilitators
    • Build clinical skills and explore current issues in medicine
    • Master MCAT strategies and learn how to ace your interview

    Join JAMP at the AMSA PremedFest in College Station, TX on November 23-24, 2019. 

    Register here.

    Apply to JAMP

    Application Opens May 1, 2019
    Application Closes October 1, 2019

    First Steps to Apply

    Meet the JAMPers

    Learn more about what our JAMPers have to say

    Visit our Featured Student Profiles page to learn about how JAMP has helped our students achieve their goals.

    Connect With JAMP