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  • "JAMP was my first true glimpse into medicine. It gave me as an undergraduate student, without personal or family ties to medicine, a look into not only a practicing physician's daily life but knowledge into the logistics and training that took place before he/she got there."

    Dr. Martin Ortega

    Family Medicine
    Asst. Professor
    TTUHSC - Permian Basin
    JAMP Alumnus

    Read more about Dr. Ortega and other JAMP students.


    New to JAMP? Start Here

    Since 2003, JAMP has been helping highly qualified, economically disadvantaged students achieve their dreams with:

    • Scholarships every semester beginning in the spring semester of your second year of college.
    • Stipends to attend summer internships following your second and third years of college at one of the participating medical schools.
    • Mentoring and personal assistance to prepare for medical school while attending college.
    • Admission to a Texas medical school if you meet all program requirements.
    • A scholarship to attend medical school.

    Want to See if You Qualify?

    Before you apply, you’ll need to learn more about the students we serve and see if you’re eligible. You should also make sure you are ready for this career. See what it really takes to become a doctor.

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