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Hannah Justice

Hannah Justice

Hannah Justice

Brownwood, Texas

Undergraduate University:
Howard Payne University

Medical School:
Texas Tech HSC SOM at Lubbock

JAMP has provided invaluable resources and support for me. JAMP sets the bar high for its students and truly wants to see you become the best physician that you can be.

How has JAMP helped you strive to achieve your goal of becoming a doctor?

JAMP has provided invaluable resources and support for me. JAMP sets the bar high for its students and truly wants to see you become the best physician that you can be. I think the accountability that JAMP gives its students has helped me in being successful on this journey. At any point it is easy to become overwhelmed and pursuing medical school is an overwhelming process with many moving parts. JAMP helped streamline that process and supported me throughout it. JAMP has also been a second family to me. I have been able to laugh, cry, and labor alongside some fantastic people. It has made this journey to medical school even more memorable!

What advice would you like to offer current or future JAMP students?

My advice for current or future JAMPers is to be thankful. JAMP is an amazing program to be a part of and never take that for granted. Say thank you often and build each other up. Secondly, never think that you are not enough. Medical school is competitive and your GPA, MCAT, and CV do matter. However, don’t let that be what defines you. At the end of the day, you are more than a grade, a degree, and a title. Take the time to dig deep and learn about yourself through the process. Knowing who you are and what you believe in will shape how you interact with others and the kind of physician you will be.

What aspect of JAMP has been most beneficial to you?

I think the summer internships have been the most beneficial to me. Early on, you get hands on experience of what it is like to be in the medical profession. From taking medical school courses, MCAT prep, interview coaching, etiquette dinners, to fun evenings spent with fellow JAMPers. It was also at these internships where I was challenged the most. Everyone in JAMP brings a unique background and story to the table and I loved meeting new people and hearing their stories. It was also a time to learn how to interact with others that see life differently than you do and to work in harmony with each other. There is something beautiful about the community between different people striving toward a common goal. The community in JAMP is refreshing and inspiring!

About Me:

I am from the small town of Brownwood, located in the Heart of Texas. I grew up there with my mom, dad, and my twin brother. My family has played a key role in my journey to become a physician. While I was in high school my family went through a season of illness where I learned what it looked like to walk through illness and care for others. Growing up in the church, I also felt a strong calling to serve people through mission work. Originally pursuing physical therapy at Howard Payne University, my mind and heart slowly realized that medicine is my true passion. I am the first JAMP student at my university and have loved trailblazing this path for future JAMPers at HPU. After my acceptance into JAMP, I attended my summer internships at the Texas A&M School of Medicine and McGovern Medical School. I will graduate in 2019 with a degree in Biomedical Science! When I’m not studying, you can find me running, quoting endless movies, making puns, and spending time with the people I love. I am in the Texas Tech Red Raider School of Medicine class of 2023!!!