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Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams

Derrick Williams


Houston, Texas


Baylor University

Medical School

McGovern School of Medicine

The ensured acceptance into medical school has been a major blessing, but JAMP does this and so much more. JAMP has had an astounding impact on my personal and professional development.

About Derrick:

My path to graduate school was not typical, and my desire to attend medical school was not inborn. A defining moment that initially sparked my interest in medicine was the death of my brother, Alex. As Alex was laid to rest, he became free of twenty-two years of Cerebral Palsy. Alex was subjected to an inevitable impairment, yet he persisted and endured his illness largely due to medical aid. This ultimately led to my interest in the field of medicine. Further, my grandmother’s stroke and her upward hill battle until her passing solidified my decision to go to graduate school and enter the medical field. During my childhood, my grandmother suffered a severe stroke, and she moved in with me and my family. She saw countless doctors for ailments even unrelated to the stroke, and she eventually passed away. 

 Both my brother and my grandmother dealt with debilitating situations, and it was further unfortunate that many quality treatments were unavailable largely due to the fact that they belonged to some of the marginalized groups of healthcare. Therefore, As I prepare to attend medical school, I am eager to evolve personally, academically, and professionally to contribute to the advancement of healthcare for all Texans. Over my four years at McGovern Medical School I will equip myself with the tools necessary to provide the most thorough medical care possible while also advocating for my patients. I will bring compassion and excellence to the forefront of my practice to ensure optimal patient care. As a physician, I will commit myself to life-long learning, leadership, and my patients.

 How has JAMP helped you strive to achieve your goal of becoming a doctor?

The ensured acceptance into medical school has been a major blessing, but JAMP does this and so much more. JAMP has had an astounding impact on my personal and professional development. JAMP has given me the tools necessary to prepare for the MCAT and medical school interviews in ways that no other program could. Additionally, the preparation provided by my JAMP internships were especially evident in my undergraduate coursework and professional interactions. This program allows you to be way more prepared than the average matriculating medical student.

 What advice would you like to offer current or future JAMP students?

Take advantage of the opportunities allotted to you by JAMP! These are unique opportunities, and very few students have the luxury of so many resources such as MCAT Prep Materials and the opportunity to interview at such a large number of schools. When things get hard, remember the end goal, and also keep in mind a short-term goal you are able to achieve within the same week to maintain your motivation!

 What aspect of JAMP has been most beneficial to you?

Besides the benefit of ensured acceptance to medical school, the most beneficial part of JAMP to me has been the summer internships. JAMP and the summer internships were instrumental in solidifying my path towards medical school. During my Summer I Internship, I had the opportunity to take Human Anatomy and Physiology courses at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. In addition to the Anatomy course, I was able to take part in a Gross Anatomy lab and work with a cadaver. I thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to learn more and develop professionally.