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Lance Mwangi

Lance Mwangi

Lance Mwangi

Mesquite, Texas

Undergraduate University:
Texas A&M University - Commerce

Matched Medical School:
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center - Lubbock Campus


JAMP has provided me with numerous shadowing opportunities, connections to other students and faculty, and resources to help me prepare for the MCAT. The summer internships provided me with an insight into the rigors of medical school.

How has JAMP helped you strive to achieve your goal of becoming a doctor?  
JAMP has provided me with numerous shadowing opportunities, connections to other students and faculty, and resources to help me prepare for the MCAT. The summer internships provided me with an insight into the rigors of medical school. I am also very grateful for the financial assistance they have provided to help alleviate some the financial burden associated with interviews, as well as applying to medical school.  

What advice would you like to offer current or future JAMP students? 
Take every opportunity that this amazing program offers you, and work hard to achieve your dreams, but don’t forget to take some time off for yourself. It's very easy to get caught up with studying for classes, and working on MCAT prep.  Even just taking an hour off, will help you get reenergized to take on the next challenge ahead of you. Above all, it's important to remember why it's that you want to be a doctor.  

What aspect of JAMP has been most beneficial to you? 
The most beneficial aspect of JAMP for me, has been the invaluable summer internships. You get a glimpse of how medical school is, by being taught by professors from the various medical institutions. You shadow physicians in different fields, and make lasting friendships with other JAMP students. There are also ample opportunities to speak with medical students, and learn about the different schools and their curricula. The exposure and experience I gained from the summer internships reaffirmed my decision to pursue a career in medicine.  

About Lance: 
I was born in Kenya. Since I was young, I was surrounded by a diverse community of individuals from all corners of the world. My experiences there gave me an innate curiosity into the intricacies of different cultures and languages that shape our perception of the world. After moving to the United States, we settled down in Dallas, Texas.  I am currently on my last semester at Texas A&M University-Commerce as a Biology major with a minor in chemistry. 

I learned about JAMP from the faculty at my university, and since then the program has helped to pave the road for me to become a medical student. I am excited to take the next step of my journey to becoming a physician at Texas Tech Health Science Center School of Medicine.