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Thank you for all you do to make the JAMP successful for students across our state. Here you’ll find everything you need to help JAMP students move seamlessly through the program. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any question about the documents below.

Application Instructions

Program Criteria and Guidelines

Resources for Advisors




  • Faculty Director and Undergraduate Institution Responsibilities - PDF
  • Regionally Assigned Institutions - PDF
Application Supporting Document Forms

*These forms must be saved and then opened in Adobe Reader or Acrobat in order to be electronically signed.

Budget and Expenditure Reports - Undergraduate
Admissions Statistics
  • Entry Year 2019 Admissions Stats - PDF File
  • Entry Year 2020 Admissions Stats - PDF File 
MCAT Guide





  • JAMP Council Responsibilities - PDF file
  • Medical School Coordinator Role - PDF file
  • Regionally Assigned Institutions - PDF file
Budget and Expenditure Reports - Medical Schools
  • FY21 Admin Proposed Budget Form - PDF file
  • FY20 Admin Summer Proposed Budget Form - Excel file
  • FY23 Admin. Expenditure Report Form - PDF file
  • FY23 Summer Expenditure Report Form - PDF file
  • FY23 Special Projects for Program Initiatives RFA - PDF file
  • JAMP Expenditure Guidelines - PDF file
  • JAMP Audit Program Procedures - PDF file
  • JAMP Sample Audit Opinion Letter - Word file